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Pickling tables

Picture: Pickling table in use at the company Magirus Feuerwehrtechni

Integrated electrochemical pickling device Clean Marker Brush for:

  • Cleaning with brush and electrode
  • Electropolishing
  • Dark marking

Built-in sink with cover:

  • is also suitable for creating pickling, dipping and passivation baths

  • Integrated washing brush

  • Flow rate exactly adjustable

  • For two “free hands” with optional pneumatic
    membrane valve via foot switch

  • 2-way ball valve for selection of liquid discharge (drain/collection tank)
  • Optional collection tank
  • The collection tank can be extended with a double diaphragm pump to empty it more easily; also suitable for sludge deposits

Modular extensions:

  • Workplace lighting for all models
  • Wash basin with piping
  • Collection tank with level indicator
  • Warning light for tank level
  • VA grating for all models
  • Foot pedal
  • Pneumatic membrane valve
  • Double membrane pump for strong acids
  • Double membrane pump for low strength acids
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