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Salt spray test

Sample 1 was cleaned with Greinox 1000 Sample 3 was cleaned with Greinox 2000 Result After 180 hours in the salt spray chamber there is no corrosion on the welding seams.This shows that passivation has occured. The welding seam in sample 3 shows obvious signs of crevice corrosion. This means that oxides cannot be completely […]

Accessories & Spare Parts

Accessories O-Ring Item number Description Unit PU 02.2101 for spike M10 1 pc. 10 02.2105 O-Ring for spike M8 1 pc. 10 02.2110 O-Ring for tool 30/40 mm 1 pc. 10 Cable Item number Description Unit PU 02.2215 Cable 2 m 2,5 mm2 red, plug 4mm 1 pc. 1 02.2216 Cable 2 m 2,5 mm2 […]

Marking and cleaning fleece

Marking and cleaning fleece Marking fleece stripe Item number Description Unit PU 05.1020 Marking fleece stripe 60 x 1000 x 2 mm 1 pc. 1 Cleaning fleece (100h-fleece) Item number Description Unit PU 05.1060 Marking fleece stripe 60 x 1000 x 2 mm 100 pc. 1 05.1064 100h Cleaning fleece, 40 mm x 105 mm […]

Handle, Electrode and Brushes

Tools Surface cleaner Item number Description PU 05.1420 Surface cleaner, complete, 150 mm 1 05.1422 Surface cleaner, complete, 250 mm 1 05.1424 Surface cleaner, complete, 350 mm 05.1462 Surface cleaner with radius 750 mm, wide 250 mm, complete 1 05.1466 Surface cleaner with radius 1500 mm, wide 250 mm, complete 1 05.1410 Surface cleaner coating, […]

Stencil Service

Individual marking patterns are made on customers requirement. Due to the silkscreen method the patterns can be reused up to 500 times. The electrochemical marking process is effected by a coaction of current and electrolytes. This can be a business card, your own letterhead, a hand-painted sketch, or even a computer-created file. This method is […]

Marking electrolytes

GE 08 For dark marking on high alloy types of steel 1.4301 Suitable for large area black etching Item number Unit PU 04.0081 0,1 Liter 1 04.0083 0,5 Liter 1 04.0085 1 Liter 1 Safety data sheet GE 21 For dark marking on high alloy types of steel 1.4301 Good results on chrome-plated and nickel-plated […]

Cleaning Electrolytes

Greinox 1000 For all Clean Marker devices, except V I For TIG seams (thin sheet metal) For the fast and colour matching removal of discolourations and oxides from stainless steel Metal shine is preserved No extraction necessary Suitable for use in the food sector (TÜV report) Item number Unit PU 03.1001 1 Liter 1 03.1005 […]

brother standard stencils

Brother P-touch Stencil Brother STe-141 Stencil Tape white on transparent Orginal Bother STe-141 non-laminated stencil tape – 18 mm wide, 3 m long White on transparent Ideal for electrolytic labelling 18 mm wide, 3 m long Consistent, perfectly readable results Use on metallic and glass surfaces For permanent part and product marking Product Overview Brother […]

brother P-touch P900WC

High-quality and durable labels in a snap The P-touch P900WC is a high-performance, PC-compatible labelling system that prints particularly high-quality and durable labels in no time at all. This makes it the perfect, flexible solution for production, laboratories, IT and warehouses. It is also the ideal device for printing durable barcode labels. The device has […]