Stencil Service

Individual marking patterns are made on customers requirement. Due to the silkscreen method the patterns can be reused up to 500 times.


The electrochemical marking process is effected by a coaction of current and electrolytes. This method is based on an electrochemical erosion during which the material surface is oxidated in a controlled way. This results in dark and light inscriptions to the metal surface without damaging it.


1. Media:

CD-ROM or e-mail


2. Data:

Pictures have to be transferred as Tif, EPS, BMP or PDF. No packed data. 
Best quality at a resolution of 1200 dpi.


3. Lines:               

Lines have to be at least 0,17 mm


4. Type:

Please convert into paths. Lines have to be at least 0,17 mm


5. Colours:                          



6. Proof:       

Please add size information


7. Contact:                  

Via e-mail: 











In case of any questions,
just give us a call:
+49 (0)7331 3058-0