MSG - marking device

The electrochemical marking process by means of non-toxic electrolytes results in permanent inscriptions without any damage to the surface (dark inscriptions).

Our handy MSG is delivered in a practical aluminium case together with all necessary accessories. The only thing you have to do is to choose between single-use stencils which you can create on your own for example with the P-Touch and permanent stencils produced by us which can be used up to 500 times.





What can be marked?

- Steel
- Stainless steel
- Hard metal
- Aluminium
- Brass
- Copper
- Zinc
- Chrome-plated and nickel-plated surfaces

Usage of the MSG

for brandings, certification mark, scales, serial number, qr-codes, grafics, specifications, text ...


- light and dark marking
- precise and long lasting marking
- two-step control
- easy to handle
- marking within seconds

Technical data:

Capacity:              320 VA

Weight:               7,4 kg

Size (LxWxH):     140 x 220 x 325 mm


Operating instructions (PDF)

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