Clean Marker Brush-IT:
2500 Watt, 100% Duty cycle
and only 6,9 kg weight

The quick process for cleaning welding seams

The Clean Marker Brush-Series removes quick and environment-friendly colours of TIG welding seams. At the same time, the treatment passivates directly the surface.


The Clean Marker devices are easily moved to the work site. Compared to conventional cleaning methods (by pickling paste) the Clean Marker system does not need any application time. Greising electrolytes are non-toxic, the treated objects can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth.


Continuous and safe −  with the automatic electrolyte supply

Due to the automatic electrolyte supple of the Clean Marker Brush P and Brush TP (pump devices) the cleaning and marking agents are dispenced economicaly and straight to the point.


The liquid supply happens outside of the device, due to this the device is protected against staining and chemical burn.


Product benefits
- No liquid tank, so there is no spill during filling
- No remaining residues in the device.
- Easy cleaning of the pump system. After a brief rinsing, work can be restarted with another electrolyte immediately.
- Liquids can be stored stable and safe outside the working area.
- Supply distance up to 8 m.
- Allowes working even in difficult positions (on ladders, in containers)


Tools for the Clean Marker-Brush Series:
- Long handl with sliding sleeve

- Cleaning electrode

- Marking electrode


Especially designed for the powerfull Bruh IT devices: The surface cleaning-set. Handy and flexible in use with the additional telescope-rod which can be extend up to 2,8 m.


What can be marked?

- Steel
- Stainless steel
- Hard metal
- Aluminium
- Brass
- Copper
- Zinc
- Chrome-plated and nickel-plated surfaces

Marking for ...

brandings, certification marks, scales, serial numbers, qr-codes, graphics, specifications, texts ...


- light and dark marking
- precise and long-lasting marking
- two-step control
- easy to handle
- marking within seconds

Technical data


Power 2500 Watt
Operating voltage 230V,
50/60 Hz
Protection class IP 23
Size (WxHxT in mm) 170 x 300 x 430
Weight 6,9 kg
Item no.


Operating instructions (PDF)


Start working directly with the Clean Marker entire equipment within the handy suitcase!

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Clean Marker Brush video