Pickling Workstation

· Closed liquid circulation for the professional collection and removal of acid residues
· Also suitable for working with pickling sprays, pickling pastes or for pickling baths
· Highly acid-resistant PP-surface
· Available in three sizes (width of 800, 1200 and 2000 mm)
· Modular design: for a wide range of additional features according to your requirements



Integrated electrochemical pickling device Clean Marker Brush for:

· cleaning with brush and electrode

· electropolishing

· light or dark markings





· Built-in basin with cover plate: also suitable for pickling,

  dipping and passivating baths









· Integrated wash brush
. Flow rate precisely controllable
. Both hands free due to optional pneumatic diaphragm valve
  (actuated via footswitch)







· 2-way ball cock for liquid removal (drainage/collection tank)
· Optional collection tank
· The collection tank can be expanded by a double diaphragm pump for an easier emptying; also suitable for sludge depositions



Modular expansion options:
Local lighting for all models
Basin with piping
Collection tank with level indication  
Pilot light for tank level 
VA grating for all models 
Pedal pneumatic diaphragm valve
Double diaphragm pump for strong acids 
Double diaphragm pump for weak acids

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